Derivan Student Acrylic 2 Litre Eco-Pak



A low priced good quality acrylic paint for general art education. Non-toxic, satisfactory lightfastness, does not crack or peel. Mixes freely with water, packaged in the new Eco-Pak that is unlike anything else used before. Basically it is a soft recyclable plastic package that resembles a wine cask container. Available in 22 Colours

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Australian Blue, Black, Burnt Umber, Flesh Base, Green Deep, Green Light, Lemon Yellow, Magenta, Orange, Pthalo Blue (Cool), Pthalo Green, Purple, Raw Sienna, Red (Cool), Red Oxide, Scarlet (Warm), Turquoise, Ultra Blue (Warm), White, Yellow (Warm.), Yellow Deep, Yellow Oxide


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