Braemar College Units 3-4 VCD Kit

TO SELECT ITEMS click on the down arrow next to SCHOOL KIT- CHOOSE AN OPTION. You can then either click on the A COMPLETE KIT to select all the items or click on the individual items you require.

Please type in the STUDENTS NAME in the Students Name Box provided to help with distribution of orders. Thank You

Please type in the STUDENTS NAME in the Students Name Box provided to help with distribution of orders. Shipping options for Braemar College students are SHIPPING $11.00, WAREHOUSE COLLECTION (Free) or SCHOOL DELIVERY (Free) . Orders will be SHIPPED the week starting the 14th of January 2024, WAREHOUSE COLLECTION from our Warehouse 8/199 Champion Road, Williamstown after the 14th of January 2024 or the orders will be SCHOOL DELIVERED during the first week of term. Thank You

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