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Atelier Matte, Satin & Gloss Varnish- These Atelier water-based varnishes are non-toxic and can be used as topcoat products made from hard acrylic emulsion and water-resistant when cured. They are non-removable; however, they can be overpainted. Best dispensed with the Fine Mist Water Sprayer for acrylic paintings. Atelier Matte, Satin and Gloss Varnish are creamy mid-viscosity.

Atelier Fast Medium/Fixer is designed to speed the Interactive Acrylic painting process by quickly fixing a paint layer. It is used to dilute paint for glazing and thin painting techniques or for traditional fast-drying painting techniques. Can also be used unpigmented for a quick isolation coat prior to varnishing or to reinforce a tender paint layer for quick layering.

Atelier Heavy Gel Gloss is a thick, water-based, glossy acrylic gel designed to exaggerate structure and sharpen textural edges of the paint in acrylic painting.

Atelier Moulding Paste is a very thick, textural paste used for exaggerated structure. Moulding Paste has the same flexibility as Atelier paints and is used to create strong textural interest at any stage in a painting process. It dries white. and can be mixed with paint to produce a colored ground or painted over once dry. This Acrylic Medium has a thick calcite grit composition, so you can add texture and height to your works of art. It can be used at any stage of the painting process and dries white so you can paint over it.

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Clear Painting Medium, Fast Fixing Medium, Gloss Varnish, Heavy Gel Medium, Matte Varnish, Moulding Paste, Satin Varnish

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